Gender Equity Policy

BC Archery is committed to broadening access, ensuring opportunity, and equitably distributing resources for all participants of archery in BC.


1. Rationale or background to policy:

All individuals, regardless of gender, should have equitable opportunities to take part in archery as a participant, coach, official, administrator or leader.  Gender equity is the belief and practice of treating all genders and sexes in ways that are fair and just. The concept of equity requires consideration of the unique needs, interests and experiences of the target group and the elimination of gender and sex-based discriminatory practices which are barriers to full participation.


2. Guidelines:

BC Archery will play a leadership role in raising the awareness and understanding of gender equity amongst members by establishing:

  • Fair, unbiased, and equitable opportunities to participate in quality sport and physical activity programming, attain and sustain leadership roles, and access resources and facilities;
  • A safe, supportive, inclusive, and relevant environment for sport participation.

3. Procedures:

BC Archery is committed to increasing the level of participation in programs and leadership by:

  • Using gender neutral language in the organizations by-laws, policies and publications.
  • Declaring that it is an equal opportunity employer and respecting the principles of pay equity.
  • Striving to have a gender balance in the appointment of all committees and the board of directors.
  • Ensuring equitable opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity are provided for all genders by;
    • Making gender equity a key consideration when developing, updating and delivering programming.
    • Working proactively to identify and eliminate barriers facing underrepresented groups in archery.
    • Ensuring funding and resources are equitably distributed to all genders.
    • Collecting gender-based statistics on an annual basis.
  • Increasing exposure and building awareness of gender equity in all aspects of archery.
  • Continually evaluating the organization’s progress towards a more inclusive sport system.


Gender Equity Policy r.2018.3.7