BC Winter Games

The BC Winter Games are BC’s premier multi-sport event for young athletes, coaches, and officials. Taking place every two years, the next Games will be in Vernon, postponed from 2022 to March 23-26, 2023. Archery is a "core sport" in the BC Winter Games which gives our athletes a unique opportunity to compete in a multi-sport event.

This is your opportunity to train to represent your zone at the BC Games. Athletes who shoot Compound, Recurve or Barebow, who were between 15-17 years of age as at December 31, 2022 are eligible to quality for the BC Winter Games (born in 2005, 2006, or 2007). See the technical package for details.

There are eight zones in the province. See what zone your home community is in and cheer for your Zone team!

Athlete Info

Registration fee:

If selected to a Zone team, athletes will be required to pay a $225 registration fee. 

Transportation Information:

Transportation will be arranged by the Games for pick-up within your Zone. Transportation will primarily be in the form of a charter bus (parts of Zones 7 & 8 will be on charter planes). Once finalized, a detailed travel summary will be available from the participant's profile in the BC Games database. For now, we know that there will be WEDNESDAY (March 22) travel for Zone 6 (on a charter bus) and Zone 8-North (FSJ, via plane). All others will travel on Thursday to Vernon, arriving by noon. Return travel for ALL zones will be on Sunday afternoon/evening.

Event Schedule:

Official Schedule will be posted once approved by the Games.

Unofficial schedule:
Day 1: practice
Day 2: 1st 18m round
Day 3: 2nd 18m round
Day 4: Elimination rounds (for top 4 athletes in each category based on the combined scores of the 2 18m rounds)

Eligible age:

Born in 2005, 2006 or 2007

Eligible equipment categories:

Compound, Recurve and Barebow


Must be a member in good standing of BC Archery in order to participate in the Trials and/or the Games

All participants must abide by the following:

Games General Rules

Games Code of Conduct

Archery Technical Package

BC Archery Code of Conduct

BC Archery Fair Play policy

BC Archery Dispute Resolution policy group

Coach & Officials Resources

Roles of Coaches at the Games

Roles of other people at the Games

CRC check is required

BC Archery membership is required (must be in good standing)

Zone shirts--BC Archery has organized the ordering of the Zone shirts in order to ease the burden on the Coaches and minimize regional disparities. The cost of the team shirt is included in the athlete's registration fee.  Shirts will be distributed at Thursday's Practice session at the Games.






**  RESULTS  **

Travel to the Games

All members of the Teams must be accompanied by at least one of the Coaches.  No team member may board Games' transport without a designated coach available to accompany them. Each Zone will have a regional pickup point that may be assigned by the Games. Athletes must make their own way to the pickup point designated by the Zone Coach.


Venue and accommodations

Event venue: Vernon Secondary School


Accommodations & Meals: Vernon Secondary School


All Athletes and Coaches MUST stay in Games' provided accommodations. (Exceptions may be made for athletes for medical circumstances--contact the Provincial Advisor for more information)




Sonia Schina, Provincial Advisor

Lora-Lee Murray, Assistant Provincial Advisor



Guide to the Games 


Sign up for a G2G session to learn more about what happens when you're not on the competition field.


Culture of the Games


2024 Quesnel:


Planning for the next Games has already begun! Quesnel, BC is the next town to host this event, February 22-25, 2024. These Games will be open to those athletes born in 2007, 2008, and 2009.


To help offset the registration costs, we have set up a fundraiser, where $10 of every Epicure Weekend Collection box sold will be shared evenly among the athletes named to the 2024 Games team. Click here for more information and here to place your order to support our up-and-coming athletes!



BC Winter Games Archery Zone Teams

All competitors must be BC Archery members. Click here for an explanation of how the team is selected.


Zone 1

  • Kurt Lalach - M/Cmp
  • Niall Boardman - M/Cmp
  • Head Coach -  Kayla Ferguson
  • Assistant Coach - Darby Mummery

Zone 2

  • Eliana Stein - F/Cmp
  • Head Coach - Ron Ostermeier


      Zone 3

      • Atticus Brummitt - M/Cmp
      • Nyla Brant - F/Cmp
      • Josiah Curwen - M/Rec
      • Alayna Hillier - F/Rec
      • Head Coach - Linda Price
      • Assistant Coach - Angela Foley

      Zone 4

      • Paulene Narvaez - F/Cmp
      • Arden Rae - M/Rec
      • Andrea Cavazos - F/Rec
      • Isaac Chu - M/BB
      • Sam Groves - M/BB
      • Mateo Sagarbarria - M/BB
      • Ava Dawson-Murphy - F/BB
      • Elizabeth Khrisanova - F/BB
      • Dylan Santelli - F/BB
      • Head Coach - Tammy Moyer
      • Assistant Coach - Bernice Gordon

      Zone 5

      • Brian McDonald - M/Cmp
      • Julie Schaber - F/Cmp
      • Brendan Chan - M/Rec
      • Jamison Hui - M/Rec
      • Gavin Ng - M/Rec
      • Markus Tai - M/Rec
      • Nathania So - F/Rec
      • Dawn Yip - F/Rec
      • Brayden Fung - M/BB
      • Neel Sivaram - M/BB
      • Isabella Babicki-Moore - F/BB
      • Mia Zhang - F/BB
      • Head Coach - Paul Mackwood
      • Assistant Coach - Thomas Lok

      Zone 6

      • Cynthia Barry - F/Cmp
      • Arianna Davids - F/Rec
      • Head Coach - Brad Barclay
      • Assistant Coach - Ellen Vander Hoek

      Zone 7

      • Hunter Halvorsen - M/Cmp
      • Head Coach - Tom Logan

      Zone 8

      • Mason Pollard - M/Cmp
      • Brooklynn Novak - F/Cmp
      • Erin Wiebe - F/Cmp
      • Avery Paterson - F/Rec
      • Evan Fisher - M/BB
      • Elisabeth Hebert - F/BB
      • Head Coach - Dale Chapplow
      • Assistant Coach - Michael Wiebe / Adam D'Entremont