Converting (Upgrading) your old "Level" certification

The Coaching Association of Canada is transitioning away from the old “levels” certifications to the new certifications detailed on the previous page. Your old certification cannot be taken away from you, however, there is a risk that it will no longer be recognized as a valid coaching status. Organizations such as the BC Games Society, who oversee the BC Winter Games, and the Canada Games society, among others, now require only the new certifications for each of our sports, and that could impede our young athletes from obtaining valuable competition experiences.

BC Archery will assist coaches and instructors who are willing to upgrade to the new certifications. If you already have certification at any “Level”, and you are actively coaching or instructing, you will be allowed to attend the new, equivalent training for free. This training would need to be at an already scheduled clinic, anywhere in the Province. For example, if you are certified at Level 1 you can audit an Instructor-Beginners course, and if you are certified at Level 2 you can audit an Instructor-Intermediate or Instructor-Beginners course. You will be required to complete the course materials, as all the other attendees do, but you have an advantage--you have already learned these materials! Completing the course-work should be no more difficult than teaching someone to shoot.

In order to be fully certified in the new system, you will be required to pass the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) course. MED is no longer taught/offered in the Instructor-Beginner course so you will have to obtain this certification through our viaSport partners for a nominal fee. These courses would be offered around the Province and would take a few hours for the seminar, which would then make you eligible to take the online evaluation (included in the fee). Alternately, if you feel you do not require to sit in on an MED course, take the online evaluation through the coaching Locker (The fee is $85 at April 2017).

BC Archery recognizes the work that you did in order to become a coach and would like to help ease your transition to the new designations by suggesting that you attend a clinic for free. This way you will not only learn the new materials but also share your valuable experiences with potential new coaches. This offer is only valid for Instructor-stream conversions. For Competition-stream conversions (Level 3 and higher) please contact the Coaching Chair to find out your next steps and what is required.

Certification levels can be verified from the NCCP website.


**Please note: in order to convert your certification, you must attend the course (for free!) and complete the workbook and portfolio. It is not possible to convert by only completing the MED course as it is required you complete the portfolio associated with the respective course: Instructor of Beginner Archers or Instructor of Intermediate Archers. This should be fairly simple as you've already got the knowledge and experience when you obtained the "Level" certification.