Coaching Clinics

Instructor Stream

It is recommended that new coaches start with the Instructor of Beginner clinic. This course will teach the basics of how to properly teach and coach archers, working through a number of different scenarios and principles.

The workbooks and required assignments are referred to as the “portfolio”. It is preferred that the portfolio be completed electronically. After the weekend clinic, you need to submit your portfolio to the LF for evaluation. You have 12 months to complete it. However, it is recommended that you complete the work soon after the clinic so that the information is fresh in your mind.

If you are an experienced archer and know your way around equipment maintenance and are able to instruct others, then you may be interested in starting at Instructor of Intermediate. This is the equivalent of the old level two certification. 

Workbooks and reference manuals for both Instructor-Beginner and Instructor-Intermediate can be found in the Course Materials section below.

Making Ethical Decisions

Making Ethical Decisions (MED) is required for certification at any level. The course is no longer offered by BC Archery but is offered through viaSport partners. The MED online evaluation must be successfully completed before you can receive a “certified” coaching status. You will be listed as a “trained” coach until the successful completion of the course and the MED. MED only needs to be taken once; you will not be required to complete the MED course for each of the certifications.

Competition Stream

These coaches will, for the most part, be working with children, preadolescents or adolescents. They will teach basic skills and tactics, and prepare athletes for lower-level competitions.  Your athletes would train on a seasonal basis to improve their general fitness level. Fun is an important part of the athletes’ sport experience. If you are ready to coach athletes at this level, you may be interested in the following coaching courses. Each of the following courses are delivered in 2 weekend sessions, where the cost for these courses are $100 per weekend, and both weekends must be paid for at the start of the first clinic.  

Competition - Introduction is delivered over 2 weekends 6 months apart and is aimed at coaches who would like to be able to expand their knowledge and can work with an archer who is looking to move into higher competitions. It requires a committed coach and athlete to do the required training during the time necessary to complete the course.

Competition – Development, the equivalent of the old level three, is the highest level coaching course delivered by BC Archery. It requires a 1 year commitment and is delivered over two weekends held a minimum of 1 year apart. Most of these coaches will work with adolescents and young adults. Competition - Development coaches help athletes refine basic skills and tactics, teach more advanced skills, and prepare them for provincial or national level competitions. Athletes train several times a week throughout the year to improve performance. Although having a good time remains an important part of the athletes’ sport experience, there is a greater emphasis on competition outcome. Event/discipline specialization and fitness also become important at this stage. Sport at this level provides an opportunity to teach values and ethics, and refine social skills. Coach Examples: Coach of a regional or provincial team that trains year round; Canada Games coach; college or university coach. The following list of Multi-Sport modules are delivered by viaSport partners and are prerequisites for this course. Upcoming dates and locations can be found on their website.

  • Coaching and Leading Effectively
  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading Drug Free Sport
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Prevention and Recovery

As with any coaching certification, you will need to successfully complete the MED online evaluation. 

Workbooks and reference manuals can be found in the Course Materials section below.

Upcoming Clinics

Instructor of Beginners Archers Clinic 
This course will provide an introduction to the principles and techniques of instructing and training archers. Topics covered will include various scenarios and teaching methods. 
The course materials, including workbooks and assignments, are collectively referred to as the “portfolio” It is preferred that the portfolio be completed electronically. After the weekend clinic, participants will need to submit their portfolio to the learning facilitator for evaluation. 

October 14- 15, 2023 
Clinton, BC 
Registration deadline: October 6. Register here

October 21 - 22, 2023 
Coquitlam, BC 
Registration deadline: October 16. Register here

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellations and refunds for the clinic fee can be made up to the registration deadline. After this date, no refunds will be made, however, it is appreciated if you inform us that you will be unable to attend so that the pre-work may be reassigned to others.

**All clinic attendees must be current BC Archery members. Membership fees are not refundable.


Waiting List

To be put on a wait list for a clinic in your area please contact the Executive Director. Be sure to include your name, BC Archery #, NCCP#, where you are located and what type of clinic you would like to attend.