Challenging Instructor-Stream certification

The process of challenging a course is unique to the individual. This process is namely for those persons who have coaching certification in other countries and wish to have their knowledge and experience validated in the NCCP system. However, for those persons who have significant experience as an instructor or athlete, it is possible to challenge any of the coaching courses.

Contact the Coach Chair to determine the process that is required for your situation.

You must be a current member of BC Archery in order to challenge a course, and you must maintain your membership in-good-standing throughout the process (and after, if you wish to ensure your certification is recognized).

The challenge fee for any of the courses must be paid at the outset of the challenge process. The Challenge fee is $200 to challenge Instructor of Beginner Archers or $400 to challenge Instructor of Intermediate Archers.

You will be required to submit a portfolio outlining your experience and your reasoning for being allowed to challenge the course. Your records will be analyzed and evaluated. Successful completion of the Making Ethical Decisions evaluation is necessary for any NCCP certification and you will bear any related costs for this.

If upon evaluation it is determined that you need to take additional instruction or coaching modules, the cost of this is your responsibility.

If upon evaluation it is determined that you need to take the full course, you will need to pay the Course fee and take the full course (the Challenge fee will not be refunded).

As with taking a regular course, you have one year from the start of the Challenge to complete any requirements and become certified. If the time limit expires, you will need to pay the fee again in order to continue.

Course challenges must be facilitated through a Master Coach Developer (MCD).