Maintaining your Coaching Certification

Under the NCCP coaching program there are a few things required that you should do in order to maintain your status as a coach.

Old “level” certifications

If you are still relying on the “old” system to list you as a certified coach (like levels 1 / 2 / 3) there are no Professional Development Points (PD) required and this will not expire. However, this certification is no longer available and is not accepted as sufficient by various programs and agencies. If you are still actively coaching, you should upgrade your certification to the new NCCP designations.

If you check your records in the Locker and see that you have the new courses listed on your transcript (Instructor Beginner, Instructor Intermediate, etc),  followed by "Trained" or "Transferred", click on the and it will show you more info. This doesn’t mean that you have taken the training, it just means that you have been given credit for the training due to your “old” certification. In order to obtain the new certification you must be re-evaluated. The best way to get re-evaluated is to take the new course so that you are staying current. This will activate you into the new system.

The new coaching system allows you to start at any level at which you feel you are competent. For example, if you are an experienced instructor you could start at Instructional Intermediate (skipping Instructional Beginner). Instructor of Intermediate is the equivalent to the old level two and is the certification required to be the Head Coach for a Zone team to the BC Winter Games.

New NCCP Certifications

Once you are certified in the new system there are a few more requirements. You must collect PD (professional development) points to show that you are maintaining new and current knowledge. Your certification is only good for 5 years at a time. If you collect the required PD points in those 5 years, then they renew your certification and you start a new 5-year cycle. If you don’t earn any or enough PD points, you will be put on an inactive list and your certification will not be recognized.

You can self-report 1 point per year that you are actively coaching. In the Locker, click on the Certification tab at the top, then Self-Report at the left, and then the Record Active Status button. You can backdate your reporting for up to 5 years, at 1 point per year of active coaching.

You can earn points for attending courses like “Making Ethical Decisions” (which is required for all coaches and volunteers--you can’t be certified unless you’ve successfully completed the training and online evaluation). There are many opportunities during Coaches Week (each September) to take low-cost (or free) courses, both online and in-person which can earn you 3 to 5 points each. You can check for online courses on your Locker profile by clicking on the eLearning tab to see what courses are currently available. (To find the cost of the course, you will need to click on the course description.) Remember that you only have 1 year to complete your courses so don’t delay getting the work done.

Status: Not Renewed

In order to reinstate your status, all you have to do is obtain those missing points! Follow the guidelines in the section above on how to earn PD points. Please remember that these points will count towards your old 5-year cycle--you will need to earn enough points in your new 5-year cycle in order for your certification to renew again.


Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to self-report active status and find/take eLearning opportunities.


Go to and see what you can do to maintain your certification. If you have any further questions, please contact the Coaching Chair.