To obtain coaching certification in Canada,  a coach must take training through the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP). Sport-specific coaching clinics are offered by Learning Facilitators (LF) in BC. These LFs following the program set out by the NCCP and Archery Canada for each level of coaching certification.

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The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has implemented changes to coaching certifications across all Canadian sports, which are followed by BC Archery and Archery Canada. The old "Levels" are no longer recognized for most programs, and coaches are encouraged to upgrade to the new certifications and standards.

To check your certification or request a coaching number to start your training, visit the CAC website.


Instructor of Beginner Archers

This type of instructor teaches basic skills to individuals with very little or no experience in archery. The coach will focus on the fundamentals of archery with an emphasis on safety. 

This is the minimum level of certification to be working with the JOP program at the club-level.

This is the equivalent of the old Level 1.

Make Ethical Decisions

Make Ethical Decisions (MED) must be taken as a stand-alone course and must be successfully completed in order to attain any coaching certification.

Instructor of Intermediate Archers

This type of instructor helps participants refine basic skills, and introduces a variety of more complex techniques to individuals who already have some experience in archery and who already exhibit a fair degree of proficiency in shooting. An instructor working with intermediate performers is expected to be fairly knowledgeable in all matters related to the selection and adjustment of equipment. 

This is the minimum level of certification required to accompany a team to the BC Winter Games as a Zone coach or to support an athlete applying for funding.

This is the equivalent of the old Level 2.

Competition - Introduction

These coaches will, for the most part, be working with children, pre-adolescents or adolescents. They will teach basic skills and prepare athletes for low-level competitions. Athletes being coached by a Comp-Intro coach may train on a seasonal basis to improve their general fitness level, and fun is an important part of the athletes' sport experience. 

There is no direct equivalent in the old coaching level, however some equate this to a Level 2.5.

Competition - Development

Most of these coaches work with adolescents and young adults. Developmental coaches help athletes refine basic skills and tactics, teach more advanced skills, and prepare them for provincial or national level competitions. Athletes would train several times a week on a seasonal or annual basis to improve performance. The outcome of competitions is of greater importance to the athletes. 

This is the minimum level of certification required to accompany a team to the Canada Winter Games as a Head Coach. Archery Canada offers this course on an annual basis. 

This level is the equivalent to the old Level 3.

Coaching Clinics

Clinics are held over a full weekend and each trainee is required to complete some pre-work and follow-up work prior to certification. The cost is $150 per member with 8 to 12 members in each course.

Attendees should download the reference manual and workbook and bring copies to the class (digital is fine).The Learning Facilitator (LF) will bring any other equipment needed to run the clinic. This is a “hands on” event where the participants will teach and learn at the same time, with some guidance and instruction from the LF.  The weekend has always been received as informative and fun with a lot of new things learned. We encourage participants to bring their own equipment for both shooting and repair, as you will be demonstrating both during the weekend.

For any of the courses, you are given 12 months to complete the course work and evaluations. If the 12-month period expires, you will need to challenge the course in order to complete it, and this may require a challenge fee. We encourage you to complete the work as quickly as possible to save time and money.

Everyone taking any coaching training must have a coaching number. If you do not already have an NCCP coach number, you can request one from The Locker at You will need an email address that is unique to you (no sharing email addresses)--this is a requirement of the Coaching Association of Canada. If you have a number but have forgotten it, you can look it up on the same website. Please provide your coaching number to your LF so that you can get the proper credit for your coach training.

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Mentorship Program

Are you interested in being a mentor to new coaches? Maybe you're a new coach that would like to benefit from the experience of an existing coach. Or maybe you just want to boost your confidence in an area of coaching where you haven't had much opportunity to practice.

We would like to hear from you and to help you. 

Check out our Coach Mentoring Program information document to see how this program can benefit you.

Once you are matched up, the Mentorship Handbook can be used to guide you through the process.

Membership Status

All coaches and instructors must remain members-in-good-standing of the BC Archery Association in order for your certification to be recognized.

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