Join the BC Archery Association

Complete the online application

(new members and renewing members)

  • Individuals & Families:  Click here to be taken to Interpodia, our new membership management system through Archery Canada 
  • Club Affiliation: info can be found on the Club Resources page (along with other necessary documentation)

Membership is based on a CALENDAR year and do not get prorated (same rate if you join in January or September, both expire December 31st)


Everyone will be required to sign a waiver, therefore the electronic application is the only method available for your 2023 membership. If you do not have access to a computer or email, perhaps a friend can help! Call me to discuss other options.


Didn't get a membership card / number:

Immediately after paying for your membership you should receive 3 emails:

  • a welcome email from Archery Canada
  • a welcome email from BC Archery / Executive Director
  • a receipt for your membership from BC Archery /

The welcome email from BC Archery / Executive Director has your membership card attached, along with links to add the card to a digital wallet.

**Check your spam / junk folders!

You can sign back in to your profile on 2mev/Interpodia at any time to obtain a copy of your card/number, update your personal information, and/or upgrade your membership.

Annual Membership Fees (for 2023)

Memberships expire on December 31st. Joining after October 1st provides membership through the following December.

Adult (21+)
$ 71 (birthdates 2002 or earlier) (BC=$50, AC=$21)
Youth (0-20yrs.) $ 56 (birthdates 2003 - 2023) (BC=$40, AC=$16)

BC=$90 + AC ($21 per adult, $16 per youth)
*max 2 ‘Adults’ and any number of ‘Youth’ residing in the same household.
Coach/Officials **

$ 45 (BC=$24, AC=$21)
**must have valid certifications and meet Safe Sport requirements

$135 (BC=$85, AC=$50)
(affiliation requirements are listed on the Club Resources page) 


**NOTE re Coach/Officials membership:

  • In order to purchase a Coach/Officials membership, you must have the appropriate certifications. You may apply for this membership through the Interpodia system, however, membership will be held until validated by BC Archery / Archery Canada. 
  • You may purchase ONLY a Coach/Officials membership (without an Individual membership) ONLY if you do not shoot a bow yourself (does not including shooting or competition privileges). If at any point you choose to shoot, you must upgrade your membership to an Individual Adult/Youth membership.
  • If you are both an active archer and a coach/official, you must purchase both memberships through the Interpodia system, but you will only be charged for the higher priced item (you will only be charged for an individual membership)
  • Coach/Officials memberships are available to those age 16+.


Help / FAQs about Interpodia

Archery Canada has created a resource page with how-to guides for navigating Interpodia.  Here you will find guides on how to purchase a membership or register for an event, or, if you are a club admin, how to use the platform to assist with your club membership and event registrations.