Join the BC Archery Association

Complete the online application

(new members and renewing members)

  • Individuals & Families:  Click here to be taken to Interpodia, our new membership management system through Archery Canada 
  • Club Affiliation: info can be found on the Club Resources page (along with other necessary documentation)

Membership is based on a CALENDAR year and do not get prorated (same rate if you join in January or September, both expire December 31st)


Everyone will be required to sign a waiver, therefore the electronic application is the only method available for your 2022 membership. If you do not have access to a computer or email, perhaps a friend can help! Call me to discuss other options.


Didn't get a membership card / number:

Immediately after paying for your membership you should receive 3 emails:

  • a welcome email from Archery Canada
  • a welcome email from BC Archery / Executive Director
  • a receipt for your membership from BC Archery /

The welcome email from BC Archery / Executive Director has your membership card attached, along with links to add the card to a digital wallet.

**Check your spam / junk folders!

You can sign back in to your profile on 2mev/Interpodia at any time to obtain a copy of your card/number, update your personal information, and/or upgrade your membership.

Annual Membership Fees (for 2022)

Memberships expire on December 31st. Joining after October 1st provides membership through the following December.

Adult (21+)
$ 71 (birthdates 1900-2001) (BC=$50, AC=$21)
Youth (0-20yrs.) $ 56 (birthdates 2002-2022) (BC=$40, AC=$16)

BC=$90 + AC ($21 per adult, $16 per youth)
*max 2 ‘Adults’ and any number of ‘Youth’ residing in the same household.
Coach/Officials **

$ 45 (BC=$24, AC=$21)
**must have valid certifications and meet Safe Sport requirements

$135 (BC=$85, AC=$50)
(affiliation requirements are listed on the Club Resources page) 


**NOTE re Coach/Officials membership:

  • In order to purchase a Coach/Officials membership, you must have the appropriate certifications. You may apply for this membership through the Interpodia system, however, membership will be held until validated by BC Archery / Archery Canada. 
  • You may purchase ONLY a Coach/Officials membership (without an Individual membership) ONLY if you do not shoot a bow yourself (does not including shooting or competition privileges). If at any point you choose to shoot, you must upgrade your membership to an Individual Adult/Youth membership.
  • If you are both an active archer and a coach/official, you must purchase both memberships through the Interpodia system, but you will only be charged for the higher priced item (you will only be charged for an individual membership)
  • Coach/Officials memberships are available to those age 16+.


Don't have a credit card?

We can accept an eTransfer! You must first complete the online application and electronically sign the waivers through the Interpodia link above. Once you get to the cart, you can close and exit the program. Be sure to make note of the total in the cart and send that amount to the Executive Director email address. Once payment has been received, it can be applied to your cart and you will receive your membership card via email from Interpodia/ 

**Eligible for INDIVIDUAL memberships only. Not valid for Family memberships (sorry).

Help / FAQs about Interpodia

Archery Canada has created a resource page with how-to guides for navigating Interpodia.  Here you will find guides on how to purchase a membership or register for an event, or, if you are a club admin, how to use the platform to assist with your club membership and event registrations.