BC 3D Team Selection Criteria

Purpose:   to put the most possible BC athletes on the medal podium at the Canadian 3D Championships


  • Must be a paid member of BC Archery, or have membership paid prior to competing at the BC Provincial 3D Championships

  • Must declare his/her intentions to be available for the team no later than one week (7 days) prior to the start of the Provincial 3D Championships (archers MUST compete at Provincials and Nationals in their declared category).  A declaration form and $10 fee MUST be included with their registration for the BC 3D Championships (cut off is one week prior to the start of the competition).  A declaration form will be available on the registration page.

No late submissions or ‘walk on’ declarations will be accepted

  • Must declare the class in which they are going to shoot. Archers MUST compete at Provincials and Nationals in their declared category.  Classes will be as found in the Archery Canada rule book, as these (in general) will be the rules and classes shot at the Provincials and the Nationals.  Consideration will only be given to categories deemed as a competitive class at the Canadian Championships.  In the event that an athlete competes in a category deemed non-competitive, their scores with be included in the higher divisions for team selection consideration. Example, M70f or M70m categories in the BC Championships and declares for the BC 3D Team, their scores will be included with the M60f or M60m.  CFPm and CFPf scores will be included in the CUm and CUf division scores. 

  • Must shoot the BC Provincial 3D Championships. Placement in the BC Provincial 3D Championships will be used to select the team based on the established handicapping system. Funding for attending the Provincials may be available through Athlete Assistance. Eligibility criteria can be found on the Athlete Funding page.

  • The Provincial 3D team is made up of twelve (12) archers competing in all classes and age groups, excluding PeeWee.  A larger team will be funded when Nationals are in BC or Alberta due to lower travel cost outlays. When Nationals occurs in BC the team will be made up of 16 athletes; for Alberta team size will be 14 athletes.

  • A maximum of 2 archers will be selected for any given category, based on the handicapped results. When Nationals are in BC or AB, a maximum of 3 archers may be selected in M60m, M50m, and CUm. This is based on the fact that these classes represented 39% of all shooters 2014 through 2018 3D Nationals. The percentages for each class are as follows: CUm (16 %), CFPm (7 %), M50m (8 %) and M60 (8%). 



Youth Team Members (includes PreCub through Junior archers):

Given the amount of money BC Archery dedicates to youth programs, limited consideration will be given to the selection of PreCub through Junior athletes on the Provincial 3D team. A maximum of 2 youth may qualify for the Team. Youth are subject to the same handicapping system as adults, making chances of qualification even across the board.

  • Youth team members MUST have a parent/guardian or an adult chaperone accompany them to the Nationals. This accompanying adult will be responsible for direct supervision of the youth at all times. This includes age categories that require a chaperone on course, whether it be a shooting chaperone or not. The youth will have all benefits of being a team member made available to them, but BC Archery athletes and representative will not assume any responsibility for the supervision of the youth at any time. Given this, BC Archery will require a letter attached to any youth declaration stating who the youth’s accompanying chaperone will be and that the chaperone understands their supervisory responsibilities. Chaperones will receive no funding.

  • Team members will receive the following from BC Archery: Team Shirt, funding support paid shortly after the 3D Nationals, and possibly a team leader/coach at the 3D Nationals. Typical funding levels provide for $10,000 allocated for Western Provinces and $12,000 allocated for Eastern Provinces. 50% of the funding will be allocated to the top 8 Team BC members directly.  The other 50% of the funding shall be disseminated using a merit system, or performance award, which will depend upon performance at the Canadian Championships and will include all of the Team BC members.  Since funding levels can change on a year-to-year basis, be sure to check the allocated funds for the current year. 

  • All athletes must sign an Athlete Agreement (those athletes selected will be able to sign the Agreement at the BC 3D Championships). Violation of this Agreement will result in loss of funding.

Notes:  In general, Canadian Outdoor 3D Championships gold medal scores must be available for at least four of the past eight years to create a handicap.  Categories not meeting this criteria will usually use the handicap of the closest category ‘up’ from theirs.  This is consistent with the Archery Canada method of ‘bumping up’ archers in under-attended categories.  In some cases, this is not equitable, so handicaps were calculated with available scores.  

Category abbreviations explained

m and fmale and female
M60m and M60fMaster 60 Compound Unlimited
M50m and M50fMaster 50 Compound Unlimited
CUm and CUfCompound Unlimited
HUNm and HUNfHunter
K50m and K50fKnown50
CUU18m and CUU18fCompound Unlimited Under 18
KCUU18m and KCUU18fKnown Compound Unlimited Under 18
KCUU15m and KCUU15fKnown Compound Unlimited Under 15
KCUU13m and KCUU13fKnown Compound Unlimited Under 13
BBm and BBfBarebow
INm and INfInstinctive
LBm and LBfLongbow
M50TRm and M50TRfMaster Traditional
U21Tm and U21TfUnder 21 Traditional
U18Tm and U18TfUnder 18 Traditional
U15Tm and U15TfUnder 15 Traditional
U13Tm and U13TfUnder 13 Traditional


Age Category means age as of December 31 of this year

M6060 or older
M5050 or older
Under 2120 or younger
Under 1817 or younger
Under 1514 or younger
Under 1312 or younger
PeeWee9 or younger (not eligible for Team BC)