3D Archery & Bowhunting

BC Archery supports athletes attending the Canadian 3D Championships by selecting a team at the Provincial 3D Championships. This team will be eligible for financial assistance based on their performance and participation at Nationals. Eligibility criteria can be found in the following information.

If you are attending the Provincial 3Ds and National 3Ds, and you would like to try out for Team BC, read the documents below and submit a completed Declaration form by the deadline listed on the document. Any questions should be directed to the VP-3D and Bowhunting. If selected to the team, or as an alternate, you will be required to sign and abide by the Athlete Agreement.

3D Targets

3D World Championships

The 3D World Championships are held every second year. They have generally been held in early fall and in Europe (Italy in 2009, 2013, 2015, Austria in 2011, France in 2017, Alberta in 2019), with the 2022 event having been held in Terni, Italy.

There are four categories offered and each country is allowed to send three female and three male contestants in each – a total of 24 athletes.  The categories are Longbow, Barebow, Instinctive and Compound.  

Canadian archers have finished very well in 3D Worlds.  Some notable performances include:

  • Jude Hooey (Compound) AB – 7th in 2007
  • Fred Streleoff (Instinctive) BC – 5th in 2013
  • Samantha Wright (Compound) BC – 3rd in 2009
  • Tim Watts (Compound) ON – 2nd in 2011
  • Peter Garrett (Instinctive) ON – 1st in 2011
  • Monica Higgins (Compound) AB and Miranda Sparkes (Longbow) BC - 5th in 2019
  • Trudy Dryden (Instictive) NB - 3rd in 2019
  • Women's Team (Higgins, Dryden, Sparkes) - Silver Medal in 2019


International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP)

The BC Archery Association has access to IBEP instructors throughout the province. If archers are interested in taking the IBEP course, please contact the VP-3D and Bowhunting.

In addition, BC Archery works in conjunction with the United Bowhunters of British Columbia to further enhance wildlife conservation and hunting opportunities for bowhunters in the province.

Archery Canada / World Archery Rules

Book 4: 3D & Field rules