BC Winter Games

The BC Winter Games are BC’s premier multi-sport event for young athletes, coaches, and officials. Taking place every two years, the next Games will be in Fort St. John, February 20-23, 2020. We are part of the BC Winter Games which gives our athletes a unique opportunity to compete in a multi-sport event.

This is your opportunity to train to represent your zone at the BC Games. Athletes who shoot Compound, Recurve or Barebow, who will be between 15-17 years of age as at December 31, 2020 are eligible to quality for the BC Winter Games (born in 2003, 2004, or 2005). See the technical package for details.

There are eight zones in the province. See what zone your home community is in and check the schedule for zone qualification events so you can take part in this amazing event. 

News Release   August 27, 2019


Indigenous Participation Program continues (in Archery) and expands to other sports


This exciting partnership between the BC Games Society, ISPARC and BC Archery will continue to provide the opportunity for 8 Indigenous athletes and 2 Indigenous coaches and 2 Indigenous Officials to compete and gain experience at the BC Winter Games. That's a total of 54 athletes and 18 coaches, plus a number of Officials and volunteers that will participate in the excitement of the Archery competition at the Games.


See more information in the Games' news release.

Athlete Info

Transportation Information:

Transportation from each Zone

Event Schedule:

Day 1: practice
Day 2: 1st 18m round
Day 3: 2nd 18m round
Day 4: Elimination rounds (for top 4 athletes in each category based on the combined scores of the 2 18m rounds)

Eligible age:

Born in 2003, 2004 or 2005

Eligible equipment categories:

Compound, Recurve and Barebow

*all athletes must wear an armguard to participate in the Games and in the Zone Trials (see Technical Package for more details)


Must be a member in good standing of BC Archery in order to participate in the Trials and/or the Games

All participants must abide by the following:

Games General Rules

Games Code of Conduct

Archery Technical Package

BC Archery Code of Conduct

BC Archery Fair Play policy

Coach & Officials Resources

Roles of Coaches at the Games

CRC check is required

BC Archery membership is required (must be in good standing)

Zone Trials Reporting form: Excel PDF

Athlete info form

Transportation from each Zone

Zone shirts--emails will be sent to coaches in October


Hotel rates for Parents will be posted once available


Travel to the Games

All members of the Teams must be accompanied by at least one of the Coaches.  No team member may board Games' transport without a designated coach available to accompany them. Each Zone will have 1 or 2 pickup points--these will be selected by the Zone Coaches. BCWG cannot accommodate collecting athletes across a region on a single bus nor guarantee that a particular bus will pass through or pickup at multiple stops along the route. Athletes must make their own way to the pickup point designated by the Zone Coach.


Venue and accommodations

Event venue: Kids Arena Fieldhouse


Accommodations & Meals: North Peace Secondary School


All Athletes and Coaches MUST stay in Games' provided accommodations.




Sonia Schina, Provincial Advisor

Linda Price, Assistant Provincial Advisor and Team Selection 

BC Winter Games Zone Trials info

All competitors must be BC Archery members and must wear an armguard (as per the Technical Package). A competitor may attend a Trials outside their home zone. An Athlete Info form must be completed and submitted prior to shooting official scoring arrows. A competitor may attend more than one Trials event, however only one score will count. The competitor must "declare" their intent to submit their score by submitting their Athlete Info Form prior to shooting any scoring arrows--if they do not wish that day's score to count, do not submit the Athlete Info Form. This decision must be made at the beginning of the event NOT after shooting the score. 

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3


Zone 4

Zone 5

Zone 6

Zone 7

Zone 8