BC Winter Games

The BC Winter Games are BC’s premier multi-sport event for young athletes, coaches, and officials. Taking place every two years, the next Games will be in Kamloops, February 22-25, 2018. We are part of the BC Winter Games which gives our athletes a unique opportunity to compete in a multi-sport event.

This is your opportunity to train to represent your zone at the BC Games. Athletes who shoot Compound, Recurve or Barebow, who will be between 15-17 years of age as at December 31, 2018 are eligible to quality for the BC Winter Games (born in 2001, 2002, or 2003). See the technical package for details.

There are eight zones in the province. See what zone your home community is in and check the schedule for zone qualification events so you can take part in this amazing event. 

News Release   November 14, 2017


Three way partnership leads to increased participation of Indigenous athletes at BC Winter Games


This new and exciting partnership between the BC Games Society, ISPARC and BC Archery will provide the opportunity for 8 Indigenous athletes and 2 Indigenous coaches to compete and gain experience at the BC Winter Games. That's a total of 54 athletes and 18 coaches, plus a number of Officials and volunteers that will participate in the excitement of the Archery competition at the Games.


See more information in the Games' news release.

Athlete Info

Transportation Information:

Transportation from each Zone

Event Schedule:

Day 1: practice
Day 2: 1st 18m round
Day 3: 2nd 18m round
Day 4: Elimination rounds (for top 4 athletes in each category based on the combined scores of the 2 18m rounds)

Eligible age:

Born in 2001, 2002 or 2003

Eligible equipment categories:

Compound, Recurve and Barebow


Must be a member in good standing of BC Archery in order to participate in the Trials and/or the Games



Coach & Officials Resources

CRC check is required

BC Archery membership is required (must be in good standing)

Zone Trials Reporting form: Excel  pdf

Athlete info form

Transportation from each Zone

Zone shirts--email sent to coaches on Oct 21 with all necessary info


Hotel rates for Parents

Travel to the Games

All members of the Teams must be accompanied by at least one of the Coaches or Adult Supervisors.  No team member can get on a bus without a designated adult supervisor or coach available to accompanying them. BCWG cannot accommodate collecting athletes across a region on a single bus.  Team members living in different communities can travel on separate buses provide at least one coach or adult supervisor travels with them.


Venue and accommodations

Norkham Secondary School

BC Winter Games Archery Team Members

Zone 1

  • Charlette Haley - F/BB
  • Ryan Pierce - M/Cmpd
  • Emma Tkachuk - F/Cmpd
  • Taylor Tracey - F/Cmpd

Zone 2

  • Jacob Campol - M/BB
  • Angela Boerboom - F/BB
  • Keeley Tom - F/BB
  • Kehler Smith - M/Rec
  • Carter Crow - M/Cmpd
  • Nick Penny - M/Cmpd
  • Meah Clarke - F/Cmpd
  • Sierra Kakuno - F/Cmpd
  • Dawson Lewis - F/Cmpd
  • Brooke Tanner - F/Cmpd


Zone 3

  • Navid Aliakbar - M/BB
  • Keziah Dreves - F/BB
  • Roshan Phung - F/BB
  • Tyrese Temple - M/Rec
  • Sophie Breckenridge - F/Rec
  • Isaiah Ingram - M/Cmpd

Zone 4

  • Marcus Chan - M/BB
  • Daniel Dawda - M/BB
  • Quentin Whitcher - M/BB
  • Samantha Kerr - F/BB
  • Andrew Keeton - M/Rec
  • Jack Kerr - M/Rec
  • Anna Bulatova - F/Rec
  • Seth Kilberg - M/Cmpd
  • Kelly Springer - F/Cmpd

Zone 5

  • Charlton Tan - M/BB
  • Mikayla Yong - F/BB
  • Victor Cai - M/Rec
  • Adam Deane - M/Rec
  • Momo Irie - F/Rec
  • Amanda Ljustina - F/Rec
  • Adi Shapira - F/Rec

Zone 6

  • Bailey Drinkwalter - F/Rec
  • Miranda Mail - F/Rec

Zone 7

  • Dylon Cruz - M/Cmpd
  • Alec Mitchell - M/Cmpd
  • Taylor Halvorsen - F/Cmpd

Zone 8

  • Rohan Soares - M/BB
  • Rachel Row - F/BB
  • Kreshnah West - F/BB
  • Shelby Borschawa - F/Rec
  • Daniel Jameson - M/Cmpd
  • Jonah Schretlen - M/Cmpd
  • Bryson Watson - M/Cmpd
  • Zachery Wolowski - M/Cmpd
  • Kaylen Cloarec - F/Cmpd
  • Madison Manning - F/Cmpd