2022 JOP Outdoor Championships


                 JOP Outdoor Championships 2022            
  Hosted by Quesnel River Archers and Burnaby Archers        
Name Club Equipment 15m 20m 30m 40m 50m 60m 70m Place
Wong, Ayden Burke Mountain Archers Barebow   500           1
Davies, Liam Quesnel River Archers Barebow   401           2
DeVuyst, Elliot Quesnel River Archers Barebow   374           3
D'Entremont, Mielle Quesnel River Archers Comp   495           1
Walker, Levi Quesnel River Archers Comp   312           2
Wu, Vivian BC Archery Comp   193           3
Sprowson, Matthew North Shore Archers Barebow     542         1
Yin, Abigail Silvertip Archers Barebow     357         2
Erickson, Kayla Quesnel River Archers Recurve     409         1
Wiebe, Kayla Silvertip Archers Comp       545       1
Nelson, Olivia Silvertip Archers Comp       500       2
Wiebe, Erin Silvertip Archers Comp       533       1
Sivarin, Neel BC Archery Barebow       408       1
Fisher, Evan Silvertip Archers Barebow       399       2
Chu, Isaac Maple Ridge Archery Club Barebow       345       3
Baretta, Valentine North Shore Archers Recurve       366       1
D'Entremont, Kayden Quesnel River Archers Comp         642     1
Bolitho, McKayla Quesnel River Archers Comp         602     2
Nelson, Jacob Silvertip Archers Comp         586     3
Novak, Brooklynn Quesnel River Archers Comp         581     4
Yeh, Laurie BC Archery Recurve         487     1
Di Sabatino Garbati, Sara Maple Ridge Archery Club Recurve         185     2
Li, John HD Stafford Archery Club Barebow         402     1
These are the results of the JOP Outdoor Champioships 2022.                
We had 23 archers from 6 clubs. Hopefully next year will be a better turnout as we get used to the new format.  
The winner of the  $150 gift certificate is Jacob Nelson from Silvertip Archers. Congratulations Jacob.    
Jacob chose a gift certificate for T & F Country Sports.                  
All the scores in bold have a record for the new round.