JOP Outdoor Championship Distances

The following chart shows the  distances shot for each of the age levels for the JOP Outdoor Championship (JOP 900-round):

Category (age) Unsighted Sighted
PeeWee (9 & under) 25m 20m 15m 25m 20m 15m
PreCub (10, 11, 12) 25m 20m 15m 30m 25m 20m
Cub (13, 14) 30m 25m 20m 45m 35m 25m
Cadets (15, 16, 17) 45m 35m 25m 55m 45m 35m
Juniors (18, 19, 20) 55m 45m 35m 55m 45m 35m


As with the Indoors, all scores are compiled from each of the shooting sites to determine Provincial placing. 

The JOP Outdoors is held on the 3rd or 4th weekend in June.
Participation in any and all of the JOP tournaments is encouraged. These events are set up for the kids so that they have an adult-free, intimidation-free environment, run at their pace and geared towards their skill levels.

PLEASE NOTE: JOP Championship events are not registered with Archery Canada and not eligible for Canadian records. This is because the distances listed above are not ALL legal distances (they do not all conform with Canadian-900 distances), and there is no requirement to have a Provincial Judge (a Club Judge or a Judge Candidate may officiate the event).