The BC Performance Program (BCPP)

BC Archery promotes archery in all forms throughout the province, and with this program hopes to help Target archers in their quest to achieve higher performance at Provincial, National, and, for some, International Target competitions.

The Performance Program Concept

The current purpose of the BC Performance Program is to provide competitive level athletes with funding to assist with expenses related to attending the Canadian National Target Championships. BC archers interested in being a member of the Performance Program will need to meet specific criteria.

  • Equipment divisions: only the Recurve and Compound equipment divisions are accepted (Compound Unlimited, Barebow, etc, do not qualify for this program)
  • Age divisions: The minimum age category accepted for the program is U18 (Cadet, age 15). Therefore U18, U21, 21+ and 50+ age categories qualify.
  • Gender divisions: both Men and Women athletes qualify
  • Level of Competition: the archer should be following the “Train to Compete” and/or “Shoot to Excel” stages of the Long Term Archer Development model (LTAD), which can be found on the Administration page
  • Coach: The archer should be training with a coach with a minimum certification of Instructor of Intermediate. Any athlete who is not currently working with a coach and would like to be can contact BC Archery for assistance with finding one in your area. (working with a certified coach will be a program requirement in 2024)
  • Safe Sport training: all program participants must complete the free CAC Safe Sport training module.

Benefits of applying to the program

  • Potential to be chosen to the Provincial team attending the Nationals, and therefore eligible for financial assistance through the BC Archery Performance Team funding
    • If not selected to the Performance TEAM and attend Nationals, by being a member of the BCPP you may be eligible for financial assistance through the Athlete Funding program.
  • Opportunity to take part in upcoming athlete development clinics sponsored by BC Archery
  • Access to other high performance resources as they are developed and become available
  • Eligible to be chosen for the provincial Fred Usher Cup team (selections will be made from the named Team members first, then those who applied to the Program, then to other BC members attending Nationals. The entry fee for the BC Team will be paid by BC Archery, and if the Team wins money, the money is shared 4 ways among the participants and the association)

Steps to be accepted into the Program

In order to be accepted into the BC Performance Program the archer must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a member in good standing of BC Archery 
  2. Apply to the BCPP coordinator, with applicable fee, on or before the deadline of June 1st. (scores may still be submitted after the application deadline and until June 18th)
  3. All athletes must sign a Provincial Team Athlete Agreement. Violation of this Agreement will result in revocation of membership in the Performance Program.  If in the event a signed Agreement is not submitted with the application to the performance team, the submission of the application itself will be deemed as the archer’s acceptance to adhere to the Agreement. *(note 1)
  4. Complete the free Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) Safe Sport Module. Obtain a free coaching number from the Locker. Once in your Locker profile, navigate to the eLearning tab and select Safe Sport Training from the list of available courses. This is a free 90-minute module suitable for all ages eligible for the BCPP.
  5. Shoot the minimum number of tournaments and achieve the minimum score required
    1. The archer must have competed in at least four (4) registered 720-rounds between July 1st of the previous year and JUNE 18th of the current year. In addition, during this same period the athlete must have shot at least one (1) 720-round score which meets the minimum qualifying score as shown for their corresponding category in the chart presented in Appendix “A”, which must be the category in which they will compete at the Nationals.
    2. All scores submitted must appear in the Tournament Results section of the Archery Canada website. (Archers who are a Cadet for the first time this year may use their Cub scores from last year where necessary, however, at least one score submitted must be shot at Cadet distances)
    3. EXCEPTIONS to Criteria for 2023 ONLY: See EXCEPTIONS button at the bottom of this page.

How BCPP members get selected to the BC Performance TEAM (BCPT) to the Nationals

A maximum of 10 archers will form the BC Performance Team to the Nationals. In order to comply with high performance / athlete development requirements as laid out by ViaSport (provider of government funding to the association), the team should include Recurve archers striving for the podium, should include members from both genders, and meet the LTAD criteria as outlined by the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO).

The highest score submitted by each archer will be calculated as a percentage of the corresponding benchmark score (NOT the qualifying score) as listed in Appendix “A”. These percentages will be then ranked in order of highest to lowest, regardless of category. Team selection will be made in the following order:

  1. Minimum 3 Recurve archers, where possible
  2. Minimum 3 Women archers, where possible
  3. Maximum 3 50+/Master archers (regardless of equipment or gender)
  4. Maximum of 3 archers in any one shooting category

Explanation of selection process: (see Appendix “C” for examples)

  • If there are 10 or fewer athletes eligible to be on the Team who will be attending Nationals, then all 10 athletes will automatically be named to the team. Otherwise, team selection will occur as follows:
    • The highest ranked recurve archers will be selected first, then working down the list until either 3 are selected or all the eligible recurve archers have been selected, whichever occurs first. This will fulfil requirement (a).
    • The next archers to be selected to the team will be the highest ranked women archers, again working down the list until either 3 are selected or all the eligible women archers have been selected, whichever occurs first. This will fulfil requirement (b). It is possible that some or all of the minimum required women archers will have already been selected from the recurve requirement in (a). As a result, those persons will count toward fulfilling requirement (b).
    • Next, persons will be selected to the team based on the highest percentage on the list, provided that no more than 3 50+/Masters of any equipment or gender are selected and no more than 3 archers are selected to any one shooting category, until the team has been filled or the list has been exhausted, whichever occurs first. This will fulfil requirements (c) and (d).
    • If after fulfilling requirements (a) through (d) there are still available spots on the team, the team will be filled, working through the list, selecting highest percentage first, regardless of shooting category.
  • It may be possible that in any given year there could be fewer than 10 archers on the BCPT for Nationals.

If someone is selected to the team but then chooses to not attend Nationals, they should inform the BCPP coordinator as soon as possible so that the next qualifying archer can be advised of their acceptance to the TEAM.

How much funding could a TEAM member receive for attending the Nationals?

The level of funding depends on which events the person competes in and his/her performance in each event. The total amount of funding currently available to the BC Performance Team can be found in Appendix “B”.

Two types of funding are available to BCPT members who compete at Nationals: (a) Participation Allowance and (b) Performance Awards. Half the support funding will be for participation and half for performance. (see Appendix “B”) Funds are disbursed after the Nationals once scores and records have been tabulated and verified.

The total funds available for the Participation Allowance will be shared equally among the Team members for participating in the entire target event (Qualifiers and Elimination/Match rounds), not including any team-round event.

The total funds available for the Performance Awards will be allocated based on points earned for the athlete's scores, medals and records achieved at the Target Nationals.

Each team member’s score in the Championships is calculated as a percentage of the benchmark score for his/her category. This “Benchmark Percentage” is a measure of how well a team member has performed for his/her category. Performance awards are not available for categories without a benchmark. (see Appendix “A” for Benchmark scores)

Performance points are awarded as follows:

  • First, team members are awarded performance points based on their relative performance within the BC Performance Team at the Target Championships. An athlete’s “Benchmark Percentage” is their score as a percent of the benchmark for that event in their category. The half of the team members with the highest “Benchmark Percentage” each receive 2 points. (That is, only the top half of the team gets these points) (*note 2)
  • Second, team members are awarded points based on their performance relative to benchmark score for their shooting category. The following table shows the points awarded for “Benchmark Percentages” which fall in the ranges shown.
Benchmark Percentage




95.00% - 95.99%


96.00% - 96.99%


97.00% - 97.99%


98.00% - 98.99%


99.00% - 99.99%




  • Third, a team member is awarded 4 points for each event in which they break one or more Canadian Championship Records, where an “event” is either the score of the Qualifying Round or the Elimination Round  (ie. A maximum of 8 points). Note: in the event of a new shooting category or rule changes which make current records invalid, points for records will not be awarded until the third year of the new or changed category. For example, Barebow scoring rules change in 2022 and all old records will be retired. Barebow record points could only be awarded first in 2024.
  • Finally, points are awarded for medaling as follows: *(note 3)
    • Gold medal: 4 points
    • Silver medal: 3 points
    • Bronze medal: 2 points

The total funds available for the Performance Award are divided pro-rata based on performance points.

An example of how Performance points are awarded:

An archer may achieve a Benchmark Percentage of 97.3% (6 pts), break the Qualifying Round (720) record for their category (4 pts), break the match-play record (4 pts), and win a Silver medal (3 pts), for a total of 17 points. Further, if the total points achieved by all the members of the team equals, for example, 85, then the above archer would receive 17/85ths of the Performance Award portion of the funding.

Restrictions to the amount of funding awarded

The funding allocated to the BC Performance Team is meant to reward team members for their participation and performance at the Nationals; it is not meant for any one person to profit from the program. Also, there may be years where few BC archers attend the Nationals. It is for these reasons that there will be a maximum of 25% of the available funds awarded to any one archer.

Team shirt

Athletes that are successfully named to the Team will receive a team shirt. The cost of the shirt will be deducted from the funding award prior to payout.



Note 1: Athlete Agreement

Please print and sign the Athlete Agreement and submit along with your application.

All BCPP members will be required to sign an agreement with BC Archery which forms part of the application form each year. This agreement embodies the following principles:

  • BC Archery expects a commitment from members of the BC Performance Program to practice regularly and to be dedicated to improving their archery skills.
  • BC Archery expects Performance Program members to respect their personal coach and other officials.
  • Program members are expected to be positive toward themselves, their teammates and their coaches. BCPP members should conduct themselves as ambassadors of British Columbia, BC Archery and the sport of archery.
  • In the event that a BC Team member being funded to an event contravenes the Athlete Agreement, this member may be declared ineligible for funding and may be suspended from the BCPT for up to three years. This decision will be made by the BC Archery Executive who will review the facts of the case. The Executive decision will be final.


Note 2: Benchmark Calculation

In calculating points for Team members with Benchmark Percentages in the top half of the team, if there are an odd number of members, the median score is counted in the lower half.

For detailed information on how benchmarks were determined, contact the BCPP Coordinator.


Note 3: Points for medals

In the event that a category has 3 or fewer persons, and medals were awarded to persons in that category, points will be awarded to one person fewer than the number of medals awarded. For example, if there were only 3 persons in the category, and all 3 were awarded medals, points would be issued to only the Gold & Silver winners. If there were only 2 in the category, then points would only be awarded to the Gold medal winner.

A Note on Barebow:

Although Barebow has recently been recognized by World Archery as a competitive category in Target tournaments, there have not yet been enough events (and no Championship events in Canada) contesting this equipment category in order to facilitate the calculation of benchmark scores. Therefore, Barebow will not be recognized in the Performance Program until 2025. This may be reviewed at an earlier date if there are a significant number of Barebow athletes competing at the Canadian Outdoor Target Championships prior to the 2025 event.