Athlete Funding

What is the funding?

Funding for performance level BC Archery athletes (cadet and older) in Target, Field and 3D comes from a combination of BC Archery membership fees and viaSport annual funding contributions. The amount of funding varies each year. Funding is also available for coaches.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • be a member in good standing with BC Archery
  • be working with a coach with a minimum certification of Instruction of Intermediate Archers
  • have submitted all required documents and met required benchmark scores
  • attended required events for the applicable funding year

Types of Athlete funding available and application requirements

Types of Coach funding available and application requirements

How do I apply?

Before submitting the Application, include the following documents in an email to the HP-Funding Chair:

  • Complete and sign the Athlete Funding Application form
  • attach a separate activity log (in case discrepancies are found between the activity log and the GoogleForm submission, the activity log will be accepted as correct)
  • attach your training plan
  • include all other documents as referred to on the Athlete Funding Application form
  • Make sure your membership is renewed for the current year

Incomplete submissions (missing documents, incorrect application form) will not be accepted, nor will you be notified.

Completed documents must be sent to the HP-Funding Chair no later than January 31 of the year following the funding year. The log and training plan may be completed for a full year, but has to be submitted alongside the rest of the documents by January 31. Funding will only be considered for the time frame of the plan whether it is a Yearly Training Plan or a seasonal plan. Need a training plan template?

What should be included on the log?

Everything the athlete achieved and attended during the funding season, such as:

  • tournaments
  • clinics
  • training camps
  • Performance Program or 3D Team participation
  • AC squad ranking
  • records set/broken
  • performance in elimination rounds at events

*Note that only events shot in equipment categories approved for funding will be accepted towards funding.

When does funding get released?

We try our best to process payments in March.

How much funding will I get?

Funding amounts vary based on the athlete's log and available funds for the year.

If I make a Team such as Canada Winter Games or BC Winter Games or a BC Team at Nationals, how do I get funding?

  • Athletes selected for Team BC to participate at the Canada Winter Games will have all costs associated with the event (uniforms, travel, accommodations & meals) organized and covered.
  • Athletes selected for the BC Winter Games Teams are required to pay for the team uniform and the event registration fee. Travel, accommodations & meals are provided by the BC Games Society. 
  • Athletes who are selected to represent BC at the Archery Canada Outdoor National Championships will initially cover all their own costs and then will receive funding to partially cover those costs without needing to apply.  This includes the 3-D Team and the Performance (Target) Team.

The amount of funding  for our National Teams varies based on where Nationals are held and the criteria of the 3-D and Performance (Target) Team Programs (these programs are separate from the Athlete Funding program).  The coordinators of the National Team programs will submit for the National Team funding payments soon after you return from the event.  Please refer to the individual program documents on the main Athlete Information page for more information.


Either an Indoor or Outdoor benchmark for your age/gender/equipment category must be met in order to be eligible for funding.

2022 Athlete HP funding benchmarks (Target)
Benchmark scores Recurve
Female Male
Cadet Junior Senior Master Cadet Junior Senior Master
Indoor 472 506 520 473 495 523 541 502
Outdoor 504 516 542 506 541 547 581 550
  60m 70m 70m 60m 60m 70m 70m 60m
Benchmark scores Compound
Female Male
Cadet Junior Senior Master Cadet Junior Senior Master
Indoor 547 551 558 531 552 557 567 562
Outdoor 614 622 642 574 626 640 665 652
  50m 50m 50m 50m 50m 50m 50m 50m
Benchmark scores 2022 Athlete HP funding benchmarks (3D)
Minimum score to be achieved at the 2022 3D Provincial Championships
Male 744 731 745 703 735 625 604 546
Female 695 641 694 591 650 380 393 438



Mandatory events

Along with meeting the benchmark scores, the following events are considered mandatory in order to be eligible for funding:


Target:  3D:

2 of the 5 following events, one of which MUST be the BC Indoor or BC Outdoor Championships:

  • BC Indoor Championships
  • BC Outdoor Championships
  • Archery Canada Regional Indoors
  • MICA
  • BC Winter Games

(JOP events do NOT qualify)

  • BC Provincial 3D Championships, AND

  1 of the 3 following events:

  • any Archery Canada registered 3D event
  • any registered Indoor Target event
  • any registered Outdoor Target event



After the 2nd year of funding, it is expected that the athlete is progressing through the LTAD (Long-Term Athlete Development Plan) by attending higher level events. 

In addition to the above criteria, one of the following will also be required in each subsequent funding year (year 3 onward): 

  • any high-level Canadian event which is registered and includes elimination rounds, which may include
    • Canada Cup West
    • Canada Cup East
    • FTAQ (Quebec) Championships
    • any registered Provincial Target Championships outside of BC
    • Archery Canada Championships (AC Open)
  • Canada Winter Games
  • Archery Canada Nationals 
  • an Archery Canada camp
  • US / JOAD Nationals (Indoor or Outdoor)
  • any USAT event 
  • any Target World Cup or World Championships
  • any out-of-Province Provincial 3D Championships
  • Indoor 3D Nationals
  • Outdoor 3D Nationals
  • 3D World Championships
  • any event from the Target list to the left
  • major US 3Ds such as Redding and IBO Worlds

Failure to meet the event requirements (over and above the benchmarks) would incur a penalty of 50% of the total funding allocation. (Benchmarks must be met or the athlete is ineligible for this program)


If event requirements are not met across two consecutive years, the athlete will not be eligible to receive funding.


The athlete may re-qualify for funding after waiting a one-year period, provided they meet the benchmarks and event requirements stipulated at that time.


**Due to event cancellations in 2020 & 2021, every applicant is reset to "year 1" for the purposes of calculating Athlete Funding requirements / eligibility for 2022.

  • For example, an athlete applying for the first time in 2022 needs to meet the requirements in the first "mandatory events" box for the 2022 and 2023 competition years, and then meet the additional criteria in the 2024 competition year. 

A Note on Barebow:

Although Barebow has recently been recognized by World Archery as a competitive category in Target tournaments, there have not yet been enough events (and no Championship events in Canada) contesting this equipment category in order to facilitate the calculation of benchmark scores. Therefore, Barebow will not be recognized for Athlete Funding for 2022 performance. This will be reassessed next year to determine if there is sufficient information to calculate benchmarks/funding criteria.

Questions regarding Athlete Funding?  Contact the VP-Athlete Development