Partition designs

These partitions have been built with COVID protocols in mind.

Each document contains the parts list required.

The materials for each partition should cost under $30. 

Each venue should consider having 2 per butt: one separating the 2 shooters on the butt, one separating each butt. A range with 7 butts requires 13 partitions (if you do not have a partition on either end of the shooting line).

The partitions help to have more archers on the shooting line at once. It is necessary to ensure that there is enough room behind the line and in the venue to accommodate physical distancing while off the shooting line.

The partitions can be fixed to the bases, or made so that they can be disassembled for storage. Different clubs have different needs--consider what is needed at your venue.

The poly can be wiped down with cleaning solution between sessions / after use.

PVC frames

Drawings / Specifications (pdf)   

Wood (2x2) frames

Drawings / Specifications (pdf)